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Printing family photos

By October 12, 2017 ,

A collection of photos pegged to string against a wall

If you're anything like me, since your baby has been born you find yourself taking more snaps than ever before. These days we've all got smart phones which we can grab and take a photo at any opportunity. It's great being able to whip out your phone and show anyone you happen to bump into the latest picture of your little one in their new outfit or trying a new food and, of course, it's so easy to share these with everyone via social media. However, for me, I love to have a physical copy of my photos, whether it be that special one to pop in a frame and put out on display or to add to one of the many family albums.

I enjoy going through the prints I get delivered each month and I usually take them to my parents and show them to them before carefully adding them to our photo album. Our stock of photo albums is quickly growing and I imagine by the time little one starts school we're going to have a whole bookshelf of them, but I don't mind as I love our keepsakes and seeing how much we've changed and grown as a family over the past 5 years. It was nice seeing my partner pick up the photo albums last weekend and watching him go through all the pictures, starting from our first holiday together to our days out when it was just us and the dog, to the day our little princess was born.

Each month I get just under 100 photos printed, which I find is a nice manageable amount and I can usually find time to put them in an album and pop some in a few frames dotted around the house. It also doesn't cost me too mush as I use the Snapfish and Freeprints apps. Snapfish gives me 50 free prints a month and I just have to pay £2.99 delivery and Freeprints allows me to have 45 free prints with a £3.99 delivery charge, which I don't think is bad at all.

They might take up space in our home and they cost us a few quid each month but, for us, it's definitely worth it.

Do you like to get your photos printed or do you prefer to keep them digitally stored? Please feel free to let me know in the comments box below.

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