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Happy Halloween

By October 31, 2017

Pumpkin carved with a face next to a lantern on a dark night

Happy Halloween!

I previously shared with you my desire to Embrace Halloween now that I have a child. Now, my feelings towards this day haven't changed since I published that post, although I have taken the time to check out some baby Halloween outfits. No, I haven't purchased one! I did however purchase a pumpkin for the first time and I carved a face it - go me! Little one even ate some of it with her baby rice and didn't complain.

My partner and I will continue to be scrooges this year and won't be answering the door to trick or treaters should they knock - they haven't the past two Halloween's that we've been here. I will however wish those of you that are throwing Halloween parties and/or are going out trick or treating with your little ones a wonderful time. 

Stay safe and enjoy the time together!

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