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By October 20, 2017 ,

Four cards scattered on a carpet

Last week was my first birthday as a mummy. My partner had been asking me what I wanted to do for it and we'd sort of half decided that we were going to go out with the little one and either take her swimming or to soft play and then go out for some food at our local Hungry Horse where it's family friendly. However, the day before my birthday I was still umming and ahhing about what I wanted to do and then it hit me...I didn't want to do anything!

I spent all day in my pyjamas, as did baby, although, she managed to get through three sleepsuits whereas I was just in the one pair of PJs. I did a bit of cooking as I needed to prep some meals for baby, we baked and decorated some donuts, I had a long bath without the baby or the dog sitting in there watching me and we had pizza for dinner.

A drink and three donuts sitting on a plate on top of fabric

It might not be everyone's idea of the perfect birthday, but it was for me. Things have been non-stop since baby was born 5 months ago and we'd had a busy week in the lead up to my birthday too, as we'd had a long day at Colchester Zoo, so a lazy day in my PJs was just what I needed.

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