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Am I ready to show my post pregnancy body?

By October 06, 2017

Female measuring her waist with a tape measure

Five months since giving birth, my body hasn't returned to it's pre-baby shape. The stretch marks will always be there, but it's not just them I'm worried about. I'm a dress size bigger than I was before baby and, despite me exercising to fitness DVDs between 2 and 4 times a week, the pounds aren't shifting. On top of that, I've got scars all over my legs from a nasty insect reaction during the Summer and bruises that keep appearing out of nowhere.

This week I bought a new swimming costume as we're going to take the little one on her first trip to the swimming pool next week. She loves bath time and people watching (she's like her mum) so I think she'll really enjoy the swimming pool and I'm looking forward to seeing the big smile on her face when we're there. The one thing I'm not looking forward to though is unveiling my post pregnancy body to everyone at the pool. I've never felt comfortable in a swimming costume at the pool or at the beach, but being that bit bigger this time round makes me dread it more than before. Realistically, I'm sure no one will be paying a blind bit of notice to me and are much more likely to be looking at the little cutie in her rubber ring beside me, but still it's a worry I can't quite shake.

I know I should embrace the changes my body has gone through and be thankful that it grew and gave me my perfect little girl. It would be easy for me to let my fears get in the way, let daddy take her swimming and be the mum sitting on the side watching on, but I don't want to be that mum. I don't want to miss out and I don't want my little girl to remember me not being there while having fun with daddy.

So I'm going to bite my tongue, overcome my fears, put on my swimsuit and jump in that pool.

Female swimming in a pool
Me, Being Mummy

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  1. You can do it! the first step is the hardest but as soon as you've done it you will feel better about it. And your little one will absolutely love swimming! #HoneybeeLinky

  2. Good for you my lovely! Don't have your memories stolen by self consciousness. I know it is really hard to ignore the little voice that is being critical in your ear but focus on your little one enjoying the water and be involved with her happiness. There is plenty of time to lose your baby weight if you want to. There isn't plenty of time to enjoy our babies being little though so throw yourself in and have a great time! Thank you for joining in with the #HoneybeeLinky! Hope to see you on the next one! xxx

  3. Aww, thank you for your kind words :)