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20 Activities to do with the family this Autumn

By October 07, 2017 ,

Boy wearing jeans and a navy jumper throwing leaves up in the air

The weather's getting colder, the nights are drawing in, but there's still time to make the most of these beautiful Autumnal days. After all, the Autumn sunshine can still be lovely and warm. A few years ago we went on holiday to Dorset in October and we made the most of the Autumn sunshine with long strolls along Weymouth beach. So, here's my top 5 things to before Winter arrives.

1. Go to the park
Kids love the park whatever the weather and, at this time of year, the park looks extra pretty with the golden leaves on the trees and ground.

2. Go to the beach
It might not be the ideal weather for ice cream, but you can keep warm by sharing a bag of donuts or munching on some chips as well has having a long stroll. Plus, at this time of year, dogs are allowed on the beach too, so the whole family's happy!

3. Have a day in the garden
Get the whole family involved in tidying up the garden. Clear up the leaves, sweep the patio, re-paint the fence, cut the hedge. The list is endless.

4. Visit the zoo
At this time of year it's quieter than going in mainstream Summer and many zoos will offer slightly cheaper admission due to it being off-peak.

5. Visit a theme park
Again, it's quieter and sometimes cheaper this time of year which means less time spent queuing for rides!

6. Visit a museum
Both the kids and you will enjoy learning and seeing new things and the kids will love sharing their new facts with all their friends when they head back to school.

7. Visit a festival or fair
Various festivals and fairs are run around the country throughout the year. Whether it's a baby and toddler fair, food festival or an arts and crafts festival you'll find something happening near you whatever the weather.

8. Go on a bike ride
Get yourselves some bikes or even hire some and explore the local area. You never know what you might find!

9. Go to the circus
Circuses tend to pop up around the country throughout the year. So keep an eye out for when their next in town. Many sites online will offer discount tickets too, so keep on eye on sites such as Groupon.

10. Messy play day
Throw on your old clothes, get out the paint, glitter, pens, paper mache and anything else that's messy and have fun.

11. Bake your favourite treats
Get everyone in the kitchen and bake cupcakes, brownies, pancakes and whatever other delights everyone likes.

12. Plan & throw a Halloween party
With Halloween just around the corner, why not plan a party for our family and friends? You could make your own invites, costumes, decorations and food and enjoy some family bonding time at the same time.

13. Go swimming
Simply go for a casual swim and splash around or sign up to a swimming class. Most local pools will have fun activities on at specific times during the week where inflatables, wave machines etc are added for extra fun, so check with your local pool to see what's on.

14. Have a picnic
You could head to the local park, the seaside or even the back garden with some miniature treats to enjoy.

15. Go to the cinema
With new movies released every week, there's bound to be one for the whole family to enjoy.

16. Have a movie night
If the price of the cinema is putting you off from taking the family, then bring the cinema to you. Choose a DVD everyone is happy to watch, grab some snacks and drinks and enjoy a movie in the comfort of your own home.

17. DIY takeaway
Last year, Brits spent on average £458 on takeaways. So why not save some cash and make your own? Simply decide on what takeaway you want to make a copycat version of, hop onto the internet and a find a recipe and then go grab your ingredients from the supermarket. The whole family can pitch in with the prepping, cooking and cleaning and what's even better is it'll be tastier and a whole lot healthier too.

18. Make your own cards and gifts
Nan or Grandad's birthday soon? Grandparents love handmade gifts from the children, so get out the arts and crafts and get creative.

19. Have a duvet day
Did you know some employers offer duvet days to their employees? No, mind doesn't either! So grab the kids and the cat and bundle onto the sofa. Chat, play games, watch TV, eat rubbish food and relax. Pyjamas are a must!

20. Go on the local sightseeing bus
Think you know all your town or city has to offer? Think again. The local sightseeing bus will show you around all sorts of places you either didn't know your town had to offer or that you'd forgotten about.

Are there any other activities you love to do in Autumn? Please let me know in the comments box below.

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