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My other baby


By now, you probably already know that I've got a 6 month old daughter who is my world, but did you know I have another baby? My two year old Terrier was my first baby and this year he's given me and my partner some seriously stressful days and sleepless nights.

In August he got a stomach upset which included blood loss. I panicked and got him to the vets asap. They said he'd be ok and gave us a couple of medicines to give him over the coming days. That evening the blood loss got worse and we had no option but to take him to the out of hours vet, where he was treated for severe dehydration and put on a drip overnight. First thing the next morning I had to transport him from the emergency vet 20 miles away to our local one where he remained on a drip for a further 10 hours.

Not having him at home with us broke our hearts. The house was so empty without him and his toys looked lonely and unloved on the floor. 

When we got him back, we completely overhauled his diet, kept a close eye on him and smothered him with love and affection. However, even that couldn't stop it happening again! Fast forward, two and a half months and there we were again. Luckily it happened during the day and I called the vet sharpish. They saw hims immediately as an emergency case he was put on a drip for the remainder of the day, which, thankfully, sorted him. 

He is such a worry though and a costly one with it! We've got pet insurance for him, unfortunately though he isn't covered for anything stomach related, so we've had to pay out nearly £800 for these vet trips over the past 3 months! The only thing we can think that is causing these tummy issues is him picking up and eating things in the garden as he's such a moocher! So, we've had to make the decision to ban him from the garden for the time being and he'll only be allowed out when accompanied by one of us so we can keep the closest eye on him possible.

I can honestly say that having a dog has caused me more stress and worry recently than having a baby!

On my due date I....

due date

On my due date, I was expecting to already be at home with my little bundle of joy. I didn't contemplate, not even for one second, that my baby was going to be late. I convinced myself from day dot that she was going to be born when I was 38 weeks pregnant. So, when 38 weeks came and went you can imagine how deflated I was. 38 weeks turned into 39 and then I hit the 4-0 and she still wasn't here.

The news then came through that a reality TV star whose due date was after mine had given birth on my due date and I was so annoyed. It was my due date, what was she doing stealing it! I even sent my other half who was out shopping a moaning text about it! It makes me laugh now thinking about it, but when you've spent your whole pregnancy convincing yourself baby's coming on a certain week, I found it tough that I was completely wrong and was struggling with pain and doing day to day activities.

I relented on my due date and decided to just get on with life. By this time I was convinced I was going to have to be induced. It was a warm, sunny Saturday and so I decided to crawl around on my hands and knees on the patio and pick all the weeds out between our patio slabs by hand. And it was a lot of weeds! So you can imagine my dismay when I next ventured out into the garden after little one was born when we'd returned home from hospital to find they'd all grown back!

On that Saturday, I also made a batch of fruit scones. I told my partner that if I went into labour to take the scones with us, but when the big day came, we completely forgot about the scones. To be honest a few fruit scones were the last things on either of our minds! So I only got to eat a couple of them as by the time we returned from hospital they'd gone stale.

If I could go back to my due date rather than pulling out the weeds and doing some baking, I would rest up. Life is manic when you bring a newborn baby home and I really should have just sat back, chilled and watched some TV.

What did you do on your due date? Were you still waiting for baby to arrive or had your little one made an appearance?

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Why I Love Dorset - Part 2

Bournemouth Beach

I previously shared my love of Dorset following our first couple's holiday there in my Part 1 post.

We returned to Dorset last Spring and this time we took our beloved dog with us. Traffic was horrendous and it took us over 6 hours to get from Suffolk to Dorset, but we didn't mind as we knew we were going to have a great time when we eventually got there.

Where we stayed
We stayed at Park Dean's Warmwell holiday park, the same park we stayed at 2 years previously. As soon as we pulled into the car park we were greeted by a deer. Throughout the course of the week, there were deer all around the park and often right outside our lodge, so we got lots of pics!

A deer outside the window of our lodge

Where we went
I fell in love with Bournemouth during this trip. It was the start of April, it was sunny and warm and the beach and views from Bournemouth beach were just stunning. I would go back over and over again if I could. Now, I'm not entirely sure what part of Bournemouth we were in. It was very quiet and there was no amusements or rides, so if anyone can enlighten me, please comment below as we kind of just came across a car park by the beach and went from there, not knowing where we were. We also took a wonder through a park which was absolutely beautiful and we eventually came out on the high street where we discovered a Ben & Jerry's shop - why didn't I know that these existed?! I really can't sell how beautiful it is enough, so I hope the photo I took below shows you Bournemouth in all it's glory. 

Bournemouth Beach
We continued to explore Weymouth just as we did the first time round. We made frequent trips to beach and ate chips and ice cream on the beach. We strolled along through the town and our dog had fun in the sand. That was the great thing about visiting in the Spring as it meant he was allowed on the beach. We also saw the Clock Tower up close for the first time.

Weymouth's Clock Tower
Where we ate
We found this beautiful pub called The Smugglers Inn that allowed dogs inside, so we headed there immediately. In our area, it's almost unheard of for a shop or restaurant to allow dogs in, so we were thrilled to find this place. When we were walking around Weymouth, we also spotted several cafes that welcomed dogs and it was lovely to see that Dorset is such a dog friendly place.

The Smugglers Inn
As you can probably tell from my two Dorset posts, I absolutely loved our time in Dorset and I really can't wait to return. When we go back, I want to holiday either in Bournemouth or just outside of it as I'd love to explore it more and see the stunning beach again. When we return, we'll be taking our daughter and the dog with us, so our hands really will be full and we'll definitely need bigger accommodation. Now all I need to work out is how I fit 3 suitcases, a dog pen and a travel cot into a small family car?!

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6 Month Update

6 months

I'm sure every parent says it, but I can't believe where the past 6 months have gone! I now have a rolling, babbling 6 month old. We've been through so much in the past 6 months and I'm sure the next 6 months will follow suit. I must admit that I do miss the 'baby days'. The days where she had no mind of her own and wasn't interested in grabbing and watching everything. There are times when I feel I don't have a baby anymore and that she's getting closer and closer to becoming a toddler. Like when she throws her head back against my chest when I'm holding her and shuffles herself down onto the ground. She knows exactly what she wants at these times - and it isn't me!

What can she do?

She can't crawl yet. I previously mentioned that I thought she'd be crawling by 6 months, but it hasn't happened. She is however very close. She can hold herself up on her knees with her palms on the ground and hold her head high, she then rocks back and forth and either 'worms' backwards or throws herself forward and lands flat on her face!

She can stand for 5 seconds while holding onto the sofa and she has the biggest smile on her face when she does this - she loves being on her feet! She also giggles, babble, screams, shouts, rolls and shuffles herself all around the room. The distance she can travel without actually being able to crawl is somewhat incredible.


We started weaning at 5 months and I've been documenting her daily food diary on my blog which you can view here. Her favourite food seems to be sweet potato which coincidentally was the first food I introduced to her, she also loves her daily breakfast of porridge.


She loves to play with our dog, they truly seem to be building an incredible relationship. She laughs so hard when he plays with her. I think it's because when she's laying on her tummy she's at eye level with him as he's only small himself. The only problem I have with the two of them is that she wants his toys and he wants her toys! Typical!

Some of her favourite toys (of her own!) include her baby walker which has got an detachable activity pad on it, so while she's not making use of the walker yet, the activity pad is great fun! She also really likes her crunchy fabric book, especially when she can fling it around by the handle and hit mummy in the face with it. But, the things she loves the most right now aren't the toys, it's the tags on them - wherever there's a tag, she'll find it!


Sleep these past 6 months has been good, bad and ugly! We started off so well sleeping through at 9 weeks, but over recent weeks it's all gone to pot. I've previously blogged about our sleeping issues here and here so I won't bore you with that tale again!

What's to come

We're now planning for our first Christmas with her while I previously thought she wouldn't understand what was going on, she's much more aware of everything than I thought she would be, so Christmas is going to be a very interesting time of year for us, especially as we're very likely to have a crawling baby and a Christmas tree to contend with! Now that we've got a baby, my love for Christmas has returned and I can't wait to make this the first of many special Christmas days for her!

I can't wait to see how much she changes and grows over the next 6 months and to blog her journey to 12 months.

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Making time for ME


Last week, I moaned blogged about sleep deprivation and how it's been making me feel unwell. After publishing that post, I started feeling more and more unwell and on Saturday I had a constant pain down the right hand side of my stomach and was getting chills, despite wearing two tops, a hoodie and being wrapped in a blanket!

My initial reaction was to panic. With the pain being in my right hand side, I immediately worried it was my appendix and I was scared that I'd have to spend time in hospital. What would happen to my baby?! I couldn't be away from her! Of course, my other half and family would have looked after her if worse came to worse, but I just couldn't imagine being away from my baby girl.

A phone call to 111 alarmed me further when after 10 minutes speaking to the health adviser she said she was going to pass me over to a nurse immediately. In the end I was sent to the out of hours surgery at our local hospital where I was found to have a fever and UTI and was given a course of antibiotics.

All the stress and worry of what I was going to be diagnosed with and what was going to happen has really made me sit back and reconsider how I spend my days and I realise that I really need to find time to rest and to switch off once in while! Arguably, it's difficult with a 6 month old who's intent on learning to crawl, rolling and grabbing the dog's tail. She is however a very good napper during the day, so I can use this time to relax rather than rushing around the house, trying to do the washing, prep dinner, wash and dry up, make bottles etc all as quickly as possible, before going on to start work on my blog.

Three days a week, I've been going for a walk, doing an exercise DVD, blogging, doing the normal day to day chores, looking after little one and the dog and making two different dinners (my other half doesn't eat any of the 'healthy' things I do so we rarely have the same meal) and the other two days I spend at my mums. So, it's pretty full on and is clearly taking a toll on me. Therefore, I'm going to have a think about how I can spread things out across the week more effectively and allow myself time to rest up. These past few days, I've forgone the exercise routines and the calorie counting and have tried to just rest. It's been tough and I've found myself spending a lot of time drafting blog posts, but I do that because I love it, I want to do it and I guess it's my hobby. I don't put myself under any pressure to post a certain amount of posts a day (although I have decided to do Blogmas!) I just enjoy doing it.

I really don't want to get sick for my baby's sake nor go through another 'scare' like I did this weekend, so it's time to have a bit of 'me' time and look after myself. I'll pick up the exercise routines and calorie counting again when I'm feeling 100% and when I have the energy and enthusiasm to do it.

So I'm an unmarried mum


It's 2017, not being married and having a child really shouldn't be an issue, should it?

When we planned little one, my other half and I weren't concerned that we weren't married, nor were we engaged to be married. We had a joint bank account, we'd been together for years and we'd got a mortgage together. We'd made plenty of commitments to each other, without feeling the need to go and get hitched before having a baby, but then I took a trip to see my midwife around the half way mark of my pregnancy and discovered that, apparently, it was a big deal!

I was sitting in the waiting room waiting to be called in when a woman with 3 young kids and a newborn walked in. There was an elderly woman in the waiting room with us, too, she immediately told the woman that had just walked in that she mustn't have any more children and that there are too many in the world. I put my head down and covered my bump with my coat. I really didn't want to get into any sort of altercation with her! A few minutes later the elderly woman had a go at the other woman for supposedly leaving her baby unattended laying on the chair. I couldn't see whether she had or not as the open door was blocking my view of the baby, but even if she had, should she really be 'outing' her in the waiting room? Rightly so, the woman and her kids walked out and who could blame them? But that then meant it was my turn...

'What are you here for?' she asked me.
I should have said 'none of your business' or turned it around on her and asked her what she was there for, but I didn't. Me, being me answered honestly and so I told her that I was waiting to see the midwife.
'Are you pregnant?'
Cue sarcastic thought: 'why else would I be seeing the midwife'.
'Yes,' I told her.
'Are you married?'
Somehow I just knew she was going to ask me that. I'd even been covering my ring finger with my coat so she couldn't see it was ringless.
'No,' I admitted, truthfully. Why didn't I lie? I yelled at myself. It's not like she was going to know any different was. I could've just said my fingers had swelled with the pregnancy and my ring didn't fit me anymore, but no, I had to tell the truth again, didn't I?

She then proceeded to tell me that I must marry before the baby was born and that there's a name for babies born out of wedlock.

Yes, I know, I thought to myself. I was one too. My parents married when I was two months old and have now been together for 30 years. I then proceeded to tell the nosy woman my life history as if I needed to justify my out of wedlock baby. We've been together 4 and a half years! We've got a mortgage! Alas, none of this was good enough for her.

I was relieved when the midwife called me in to her room and, of course, I had a moan about the nosy women in the waiting room next door, but what could she do?

Maybe it was just a generation thing? Even though, my grandparents and my other half's grandparents have no issue with us not being unmarried and having brought a baby into this world, it would appear that not all of the older generation felt this way.

But then there's been comments from others too. At my 6 week post birth check up the doctor assumed I was a single parent and wanted to make sure I had enough support from other family members and at a hospital check up for little one, I was asked whether I was married, which hardly seemed a relevant question during baby's check up.

I'm sure there are plenty of unmarried parents out there. Does it make us any less of parents - absolutely not! If it's not a big deal for us, I can't understand why others feel the need to comment on it!
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Weaning - Week 4

Wow! I can't believe we've been weaning for 4 weeks. Time really does fly! Little one is still enjoying her solid food, unfortunately though, we are having to battle with her to get milk into her. She just doesn't seem to want it. I've got a feeling it's down to her teething as her top front tooth is coming through and I'm thinking the teat on the bottle must be hitting on it, so I'm hoping it cuts through the gum soon.

To catch up on our weaning journey so far, please click here.

This week we carried on with giving her a third meal a day and we also gave her some chicken for the first time, which she seemed to enjoy. Here's what she ate in full during her fourth week of weaning:

Day 1
Breakfast - Porridge with apple puree
Dinner - Swede & carrot puree

Day 2
Breakfast - Porridge with apple puree
Dinner - Chicken, swede & carrot puree

Day 3
Breakfast - Porridge with apple puree
Lunch - Baby rice with chicken
Dinner - Sweet potato, carrot, cauliflower & broccoli puree

Day 4
Breakfast - Porridge with apple puree
Lunch - Baby rice with apple puree
Dinner -  Sweet potato, carrot, cauliflower & broccoli puree

Day 5
Breakfast - Porridge with apple & pear puree
Lunch - Heinz Fruity banana custard
Dinner -  Baby rice with chicken

Day 6
Brunch - Porridge with Heinz banana custard
Dinner - Parsnip, cauliflower, carrot & broccoli puree with baby rice
Pudding - Heinz banana custard

Day 7
Breakfast - Porridge with apple puree
Lunch - Banana custard
Dinner - Spinach & potato puree

Preparing for Winter


There's some things I absolutely love about Winter and others not so much. There's no pleasing me really as I find Summer to be too hot (I hate being hot and bothered and sweaty - eurgh!) and I find excuses not to do anything and in Winter I get Chilblains and, undoubtedly, the dreaded cold that just won't shift! I'm more of a Spring and Autumn kind of girl, but always find that they just sort of fade into Summer and Winter without ever truly experiencing them.

I like to prepare for the colder months and know that I've got everything sorted for when Winter hits. This year, I've got the little one to think of too, so more than ever it seems imperative that I get sorted now.

My Car
Being on maternity leave means I don't have to face the dreaded early morning ice and, dare I say it, snow. Still, I'll be stocking up bottles of de-icer. I find the aerosol cans don't last more than a few days and that the spray ones last much longer, so I was pleased when I spotted them in Poundland the other day.

Winter Warmers
I don't do hats. Hats don't work on me and I just look silly - I think it's my face! I will however be buying a cosy hat and fluffy mittens for little one, while I'll be using the hood on my coat and some thick gloves for my sore fingers.

I love a hot water bottle, so much so, I've got three of them - a girl can never have too many hot water bottles! I'll be making these up (okay, maybe not all three of them) and putting them in our bed to warm it up before we get in it. I'll also be digging out the cosy socks and fleecy pyjamas and cosy dressing gown. Little one's even got a cute pink spotty dressing gown to try out too!

Obviously, one of the biggest events of the Winter months is Christmas! The last few years I've been able to take or leave Christmas, but now that we have little one, I'm so excited and my love for Christmas has returned. She'll only be 7 months this Christmas and I know she won't understand what's going on, but this Christmas is the first of many for us as a family and so it feels like we should start as we mean to go on - flashing lights and mince pies for Santa and all!

Aside from that, I'm getting my Christmas presents sorted early. Ideally, I love to have all presents bought and wrapped and Christmas cards written before 1st December. December is such a stressful month for our family as we have so many family birthdays before the big day so it tends to fly by and I don't want any made dashes to the shops just before the big day!

Coughs & Colds
I'll be stocking up on tissues and cough and cold remedies. As anyone with a baby will know, it's not as easy as just jumping in the car and heading to the shops to pick a few bits up, so I'll be stocking up on these now, before the Winter bugs arrive! I also always have the flu jab before Winter arrives as I had a nasty bout of flu 10 years ago which wiped me out for 4 weeks.

My dog gets cold too. He's only a little 4kg terrier and he feels it too. He's got his waterproof coat which he wears on his walks and we also leave lots of blankets out for him to snuggle up into and he always gets at least one new jumper each Winter.

We had a new boiler and thermostat installed two years ago and I still haven't sussed out how to use it so that I can set the heating to come on at certain times during the day. This year, I'll be digging out the instruction manual *groans* so I can set the heating to come on early in the morning to keep the house nice and toasty.

Power cut
We need to sort out a handy and convenient place to keep a torch and some candles just in case we have a power cut during the night. Luckily, we live close to my parents and when there was an all day power cut recently, we spent the day there, but I'm not sure my parents would want us all turning up at 2AM!

I'd love to hear what you'll be doing to prepare for Winter - please let me know in the comments section below.
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Sleep Deprivation - it's getting worse


At 6 months old, I wasn't expecting the sleep deprived nights that come with having a baby to be getting worse. But they are, they really are and I'm not afraid to admit that I'm struggling.

Prior to this, little one has always been a good sleeper. In those few weeks it was literally, feed, sleep, repeat. I could cope with that. I knew what to expect and there were no hidden surprises. At 9 weeks old, she slept through for the first time and from 10 weeks she slept through every night. It was sheer bliss and I couldn't complain!

She had a few blips following her injections, but nothing like we're going through now and nothing that a few cuddles, a bottle of milk and some Calpol couldn't fix, but over the past few weeks, the broken nights of sleeps have increased and the period of time she's awake and crying is growing by the night. I can only recall her sleeping through once in recent weeks. Every night she's fighting sleep, herself and us to avoid having to spend the night in her cot.

Now, I know we've been one of the lucky ones with her sleeping through from such an early age, but having got use to a full nights sleep again and for it then to be snatched away from me, is really taking it's toll. To be honest, I feel ill. My body aches with exhaustion, my eyes sting, my stomach hurts and I've got ulcers in my mouth.

My other half is amazing, he can see how much I'm struggling with looking after little one all day, running the home and the sleepless nights on top of feeling poorly and he's told me when she wakes at night to stay in bed and he'll go to her. I feel so guilty, though, he works all day and is up half the night with baby. It doesn't seem fair to me!

When we decided to have a baby, I expected sleepless nights, of course I did. However, nothing could prepare me or my body for what was to come. I hate to moan. I love being a mum and being able to spend all day looking after my precious baby girl, I just wish I could get a good night's sleep, to feel refreshed and enjoy our time together that bit more!

End of the Month Roundup - October

Wow! It's the end of another month already and, dare I say it, we're whittling closer and closer towards Christmas *eek!*

What we've been up to:

October has flown by, but we've managed to squeeze in a lot of different activities this month. My other half had a week off, so we took a trip to Colchester Zoo which was a great day out. It was also my first birthday as a mummy and I had a nice, quiet, relaxing day. We'd also planned to take little one to soft play, but when we got there there were toddlers in the under 1's area and I was concerned little one would get trampled on, so we left sharpish.

Visiting Family

My family live in the same town as us, however my other half's family live just over an hour a way. During my other half's week off, we took the opportunity to go and visit them. We stopped in their local town first, which is much better than ours, and the car parking is cheaper and did a bit of Christmas shopping, before visiting little one's grandparents and great-grandparents and having dinner with them all.

Little one

Little one is almost 6 months old (!) which means I'm half way through my maternity leave. I can't believe how much she's changed in the past 6 months. This month we started weaning and you can read about her weaning journey and find out what foods she's been trying here. She's ready to start crawling and I'm sure she's going to do it any day now. I've bought a baby play pen for when I'm at home on my own with her so that I can nip to the loo safe in the knowledge that she's safe. She can roll from one end of the room to the other so quickly, so I'm sure she'll crawl just as fast, if not faster!


I've found I've got so much to write about and a couple of weeks this month I've posted everyday. Some of my most popular posts this month have been my Vegan Banana & Chocolate Cake Recipe, my Baby Girl Autumn/Winter Clothing Wishlist and my Why I Love Dorset - Part 1 review. To view all of my posts this month, please visit my Blog Archive on my Homepage.

Weight loss Goals

Just after my birthday, I decided I needed to lose weight and I'm going to do it seriously this time rather than cutting out a few food items here and there and squeezing in a fitness DVD as and when. I'm counting calories and sticking to a set amount each day, I'm doing fitness DVDs three times and I'm walking as much as I can. It's only been a couple of weeks, but I'm feeling so much better for it already!

I'd love to hear about your month and what you got up to - please let me know in the comments section below.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I previously shared with you my desire to Embrace Halloween now that I have a child. Now, my feelings towards this day haven't changed since I published that post, although I have taken the time to check out some baby Halloween outfits. No, I haven't purchased one! I did however purchase a pumpkin for the first time and I carved a face it - go me! Little one even ate some of it with her baby rice and didn't complain.

My partner and I will continue to be scrooges this year and won't be answering the door to trick or treaters should they knock - they haven't the past two Halloween's that we've been here. I will however wish those of you that are throwing Halloween parties and/or are going out trick or treating with your little ones a wonderful time. 

Stay safe and enjoy the time together!

The Autumn Tag

Last week, the lovely Hannah over at Little Snippets tagged me to do the Autumn Tag. Now, I must confess, when I saw I was tagged to do this I had no idea what the Autumn tag was or what I was meant to do. Being a relatively new blogger, I've never even seen a blogging tag before, so I'm hoping *fingers crossed* that I've done it right. If not, we'll just say that this is my take on the Autumn Tag :)

I've never been one for wearing any make up on my lips - although I really should get the lip balm out more often.

Sadly, I don't get time to paint my nails anymore. I always like the look of browns, but have never worn them. Being really fair, I've always opted for pale and pearly shades on my fingernails. Although, a nice deep purple is nice on the toe nails!

Hot chocolate! Okay so it's not very Autumnal, but Autumn is the time of year I get the hot chocolate out - when the nights are dark and cold and I'm snuggled up in bed with a hot water bottle, a hot chocolate just tops it off!

Anything with cinnamon in it.

Boots - I love putting the flip flops away and getting a new pair of boots. I literally live in them until Spring!

Neither! I hate anything scary. I forced myself to go on the Hobbs Pitt ride at Pleasurewood Hills a few years back and completely freaked out as we were walking through the tunnel, so much so, that the 'scary' characters had to escort me out. And then there was the time I was on a Haunted House ride and it broke down half way through and we were stuck! 

Hocus Pocus - I watched it over and over as a kid and it's not scary!

Chocolate. It's always chocolate for me. I can take or leave sweets, but chocolate is my down fall. 

I'm a scrooge and don't really like Halloween. Although, I know that now I've got a little one, I'm going to have to learn to love it over the coming years. I did buy a pumpkin for the first time this year though!

Seeing the colourful leaves scattered on the ground when I'm out and about. They crispness of them amazes my dog every year!

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